Die casting and finishing

In this department we manufacture aluminum castings for motors, gearboxes and power steering.

First the aluminum ingots are melted in melting furnace with capacity of 6 tons, that mantains temperature of liquid metal at 730°C. Then the liquid metal is transported with the transport pan with capacity of 900 kg into a device where the metal cleaning takes place. Holding furnace with capacity of 2,7 tons maintains a stable liquid metal at a temperature from 660°C to 690°C, depending on type of product. Parts are pressed on injection molding machine, which is part of a robotic line, with a clamping force from 850 tons to 1250 tons. Another part of this line is the spray robot, the removal robot and hammering device. All robots are manufactured by FANUC. Each casting is marked with a unique code. Every casting is cooled in cooling tunnels with 4 multi-volume fans. After cooling, the casting is moved to the operator‘s workplace that is mostly robotic. When manual finishing is needed the pneumatic rasper is used. Some castings require additional machining, such as alignment of the casting (we use equipment from Robopress and Tecnopres, which is used not only for straightening, but also for breaking, cutting and countersinking holes), annealing or blasting.